Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh, Baby, I'm a Star... in Georgia

I was on the Georgian news! Okay, it was just the local Telavi news station, but hey, can you say you were on the local news in Telavi?

I'm sure it's a really great news story if you speak Georgian. Unfortunately, I don't. But I'm told that it's very good. Also, I've been dubbed. Words from my mouth had to be translated into another language so people could know what I was saying. How cool is that?!

So here's my big Georgian debut...

You like?


  1. Oh MY! That was SO COOL! You look amazing!You have definatly lost weight i hope they are feeding you there!!! YOUR A SUPERSTAR!!...So i have one question..ummm so was the Georgian Debut really by Spunky?

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  3. Mary,
    When you come home from Georgia please bring me some of those world-famous peaches they have there.Looks like your a super star on local-access TV!
    However, the old lady that lives across the street from me speaks Georgian and said those folks in the video were acutaully tearing you a new one! Next time you're on local TV bring your own translator, that's my advice! :)