Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fewer Words, More Pictures

This is going to be a picture-heavy post, with the best of my photos I've taken so far and a video I found online about the program I'm on. I want to show this video because I think it shows a good balance between the government, students, and volunteers saying "Go English! Rah, rah, rah!" and a Russian-born parent's feelings about the in curriculum and the underlying political implications/ ramifications further down the line. I think this parent's concerns about Russian being eradicated from the school system are valid, but not for the reasons that the parent gives. Georgia, whether they like it or not, is Russia's neighbor. It's not something to be ignored. Therefore, it is only smart not to completely ignore Russia and its proximity. I also think the parent in this video is being somewhat of an alarmist. Let me also assure you that Russian and English are being taught simultaneously in schools all over Georgia and there is still a Russian-speaking presence with most of the teachers. But anyway, I promised less words this time. So here are some pictures and video! Enjoy!

First morning in Tbilisi was a bit grey, thankfully it cleared up... eventually.

Khingkali gone wrong.

Khingkali gone right.

I loved that my breakfast view looked like something out of a fairy tale.

Georgian Alphabet. Be afraid!

The ceiling of KGB Bar.

Slavophiles Unite!

Shashlik- basically a Georgian shishkebab.

Shashlik a'roastin'

The power went out during dinner, so my host grandfather, and resident poet, had to continue by candlelight and flashlight

Sometimes the toasting can get so intense that all the men have to stand on their chairs (no women allowed to stand on chairs, though. Not okay.)

No women standing on chairs, but girls (or in Georgian, 'gogo.' I kid you not) are okay. This is my host sister, Nini.


  1. So what happens if there's something you can't reach? Are you banned from standing on a chair then too? I have a feeling by the time you leave all women will be standing on chairs. Go Mary!

  2. Go Mary, indeed! Awesome pictures with equally awesome commentary.